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Recruitment within the veterinary industry poses a number of unique challenges. New data shows there simply aren’t enough veterinarians to fill the positions available in practice or to serve the number of clients who want care for their animals. With many practitioners seeking to retire in coming years, and shifts in the supply-and-demand ratios of talent, a serious nationwide hiring crunch has resulted.

Further, many veterinary practices have not changed their staffing procedures, making it difficult to keep up and address these shifts in demand. This gap constitutes a serious risk to public safety, not only to pets and their owners, but the population at large. This is despite the continued need in the market for, and desirability of practicing veterinary medicine.

DVM Recruiting Services is intimately acquainted with these challenges. Our experts will help you navigate this shifting talent landscape, and tailor our veterinarian sourcing based on your practice’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to retire and potentially sell your practice, or if you’re looking to staff up to increase efficiency and address growing demand, we guarantee that we’ll find a match. Contact us to learn more about how DVM can help.


Veterinary Faculty Shortage

For years we’ve been reporting about the ongoing shortage of veterinary doctors across the nation. You may not realize, though, that there is also a growing shortage of veterinary faculty.   According to an article published by the National Institute for Health, attrition of veterinary clinical faculty has been an issue for several years and…
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A document with a red circle and a slash through it with the words "Non-Compete Agreement".

FTC Bans Non-Competes – What this means for you

The biggest news to hit the employment market last week affects the veterinary industry as well. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced a rule to ban noncompete agreements, leaving the door open for workers in any field to change jobs without penalty or delays.   The FTC said by protecting the “fundamental freedom” of individuals…
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A person using a laptop with a corgi dog resting on their arm.

The Future of Veterinary Recruitment: Trends to Watch

As the veterinary industry continues to grow and shift each year, there are certain things to watch for in 2024, as covered in   Innovative Pet Care & Technology: As technology continues to improve, and pet owners become more aware of what’s out there to care for their pets, they are more interested in new pet…
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Vet using a tablet with a cat in the background.

Attracting and Retaining Millennial Veterinary Professionals

[ARTICLE USED:]   As the veterinary industry grows, there has been a shift of millennials taking over leadership roles. Maneuvering this change means understanding what millennials in the veterinary workforce are looking for so that your practice can recruit the best fitting employees.   When trying to recruit more millennial veterinary professionals, it is…
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Document titled Employee Benefits Package.

Competitive Compensation Packages in Veterinary Recruitment

When trying to recruit veterinarians, one important factor to keep in mind is the benefits that come along with employment. Compensation can come in a variety of forms, but it is necessary to outline these to entice potential new hires and maintain a competitive edge against other practices.   Let’s take a look at what…
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Making a Recruiting Investment: Is it worth the cost?

Recruiting and hiring an associate veterinarian is work. It takes time and effort, and if you do it yourself, it takes money away from your practice. So why not consider hiring a recruiting service to do the work for you?   Many practice owners I speak with are reluctant to take the plunge and shell…
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A nurse holding a sign that says "Help Wanted".

The Veterinary Shortage-Does it Really Exist?

For the past few years, I have been sending you emails about the crisis due to the national shortage of veterinarians. Recent reports have indicated by 2030 there will be a need for 40,000 more veterinary doctors and 130,000 more technicians. Despite these startling statistics, there are some claims that a veterinarian shortage does not exist.  …
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Vet talking to a woman about her dog.

Traits to Look for in Veterinarians

What kinds of traits should you be looking for when hiring a veterinarian? The first thing that may come to mind is the medical and clinical knowledge required, but there are certain soft skills that are just as valuable. Read along to see what we consider to be the most important qualities in a new…
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Hiring a Recruiter is Worth the Investment

How much time do you spend looking for an associate before finding the right candidate and making an offer? If that candidate doesn’t take the job, you’re back to square one in your search effort. Time is money, and the more time you spend trying to make a hire, the more it’s costing you in…
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Navigating the Competitive Landscape of Veterinary Hiring

Looking to add to your staff? You are most likely already aware of how long the recruitment process can take. The average search could take months or even years, and as the shortage of veterinarians continues for the unforeseeable future, that time frame is expected to keep increasing. So, what can you, as a practice…
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