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Recruitment within the veterinary industry poses a number of unique challenges. New data shows there simply aren’t enough veterinarians to fill the positions available in practice or to serve the number of clients who want care for their animals. With many practitioners seeking to retire in coming years, and shifts in the supply-and-demand ratios of talent, a serious nationwide hiring crunch has resulted.

Further, many veterinary practices have not changed their staffing procedures, making it difficult to keep up and address these shifts in demand. This gap constitutes a serious risk to public safety, not only to pets and their owners, but the population at large. This is despite the continued need in the market for, and desirability of practicing veterinary medicine.

DVM Recruiting Services is intimately acquainted with these challenges. Our experts will help you navigate this shifting talent landscape, and tailor our veterinarian sourcing based on your practice’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to retire and potentially sell your practice, or if you’re looking to staff up to increase efficiency and address growing demand, we guarantee that we’ll find a match. Contact us to learn more about how DVM can help.


Shortage of Veterinarians Explained

There are several factors that contribute to the shortage of veterinarians in many areas, including: High Education Costs: Pursuing a career in veterinary medicine requires significant education and training, which can be expensive. Many graduates of veterinary schools have large amounts of student debt, which can make it difficult for them to afford to work in…
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Managing Toxic Employees

  Despite their best efforts to prevent it, most businesses have staff members who might be considered toxic – whether by complaining, gossiping, being insubordinate or disrespectful – veterinary clinics included. But what can a practice owner do to resolve any issues before they pollute the workplace? Identify – First, identify the toxic behaviors being…
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2023 Veterinary Statistics

Three months into the new year feels like a good time to share some statistics of how the veterinary industry is looking in 2023. Here’s some insight I found in an article on Pet Keen: There are 32 colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States with approximately 13,500 students enrolled (about 3,000 are admitted each…
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Building an Effective Team

As the owner of a private veterinary practice, the doctor is not only in charge of caring for patients, but must also assemble the best team to keep up with the needs of their clients. But in a time when the country is experiencing a shortage of veterinarians and vet techs, how should a practice…
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Job Market Outlook for Veterinarians

Last month I wrote about the ongoing national shortage of veterinarians and how to keep your clinic running while understaffed. This week, I’d like to look further at the job market outlook for veterinarians. A recent article by U.S. News and World Report scores the veterinary profession at a 7.5 /10, ranking it the #5 in Best…
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Making Your Clinic Stand Out to Candidates

The national shortage of veterinarians is expected to grow in the next decade. As more clinics are looking for more doctors to meet their patient needs, the veterinarians are increasingly getting the upper hand when it comes to negotiating an offer and deciding where to work. One recent study shows the average associate veterinarian will…
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Mentorship in the Veterinary Industry

As a new class of veterinary students gets ready to graduate this spring, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the importance of mentorship in the veterinary field. It’s no secret that there is a national shortage of veterinary doctors, and that trend is expected to continue with the limited number of students…
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Veterinary Staff Shortage

There is currently a shortage of about 5,000 veterinarians in the United States, and that number is expected to grow to 15,000 by the year 2030. Many blame the shortage on the expense of veterinary school and the challenges and stresses doctors face once they are on the job. The staffing shortage even goes beyond…
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Re-Introduction of DVM Services

With the new year under way, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce DVM Consulting and Recruiting Services and explain how we can be of help to veterinarians and veterinary clinics. With 30 years of experience, DVM Consulting and Recruiting Services specializes in matching veterinarians with clinics across the country. We work…
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Bad Hires Hurt Business

Talent makes or breaks an organization. However, that doesn’t help anybody after a bad hire’s been made. Bad hires mean nothing but trouble for you and your organization. Of course, bad hires lead to wasted money. There’s the lost productivity during the hiring process, the cost of training the new hire, and the cost of…
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