Why it Pays to Hire DVM Recruiting Services

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Last week I wrote about how hiring a new associate can pay off in the long run for your practice. This week, I would like to expand on why hiring a recruiting service – namely DVM Recruiting Services – will make that return on your investment even stronger.


With 30 years of experience, DVM Consulting and Recruiting Services specializes in matching veterinarians with clinics across the country. We work with our clients as a strategic partner, allowing us to customize the job/candidate search process to meet each client’s needs.


DVM is the only recruiting firm that provides clinic owners with a Project Manager, Recruiter, and Researcher. Our proprietary methodology, based on our holistic five-facet requirements model, ascertains the core characteristics necessary for a veterinarian to succeed. We ensure not only that your hires will have the necessary competencies, but the character, motivation, and cultural fitness to propel your business forward. And we never place a traditional job ad. We use our insights and insider tools in the profession to find the doctors that would best suit your practice – even those who aren’t actively looking for a new opportunity. We’re so confident in our 93 percent success rate that we guarantee our placements for a full year.


Yes, there is a cost for our services. But consider what you would need to do yourself to compete with the services we provide. The countless hours looking for associates, looking for their cell number, and email address, vetting candidates, conducting multiple interviews, writing, and presenting offers, waiting for the candidate to make a decision – these all add up to time spent away from your patients and lost income. An investment in our services is an investment in your practice.