Loyalty – Why is it important in the workplace?

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This week, I’d like to reflect on loyalty and why it is important in the workplace. Loyalty, by definition, is a sense of devotion or dedication to a person or belief. It is considered a virtue, and at times, a moral one. In this case, let’s look at loyalty in your veterinary practice.

Loyal employees are:

  • More productive
  • More likely to stay at a job
  • More positive in the workplace
  • More supportive overall

As an employer, you probably care about how dedicated your employees are to you and your clinic. But loyalty to an employer is not a given; it must be earned. In order to feel loyal to something, a person must trust and believe in it.

How do you earn that trust? You demonstrate it to your staff by providing a work environment that is encouraging, engaging, mentoring, supportive, fair, and transparent. Studies show that a positive work culture will inspire loyalty. What’s even more impressive, when you create the type of environment that promotes a sense of unity and equality, you’ll find your staff will in turn be loyal to each other, not just to you.

Employees at all levels will be loyal to their boss and each other when they feel they are in a safe and invested environment. We can help you get the right staff in place to promote a positive work culture resulting in loyalty. Give me a call and I will demonstrate how my staff has earned a 93% success rate in presenting quality candidates within the first 90 days of the recruitment process.