Leaving Corporate for Private Practice


In the third part of my series this month, I’m focusing on associate veterinarians looking to make the transition from working at a corporate animal hospital to a private clinic.

It may come as no surprise that corporate clinics excel at recruiting veterinary students before they graduate. They often offer larger salaries and have more positions to fill at clinics across the country. But what corporations may lack that practitioners desire after a few years on the job is the chance to work more independently without having to follow corporate guidelines, a smaller patient load, personalized schedule, and a chance to become a partner in the practice.

Thinking about making the switch from corporate to private? Here are some things to keep in mind when beginning your job search:

  • Choose the area in which you want to work then do the research on existing clinics
  • Have a desired salary in mind, but consider other benefits that might not be financial, including having a flexible schedule, a mentor on staff, workplace culture, and the option to become a partner or take over the practice
  • Know what areas of veterinary medicine you are strongest and weakest in, and how you are looking to grow as a doctor, then find a practice that will encourage your professional growth and help you with continuing your education and training

My team and I work with animal clinics around the country and have vast knowledge of helping both practices and practitioners find the right fit for their clinics and patients. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we have earned a 93% success rate in presenting quality candidates to our clients within the first 90 days of the recruitment process.