Feedback and Positive Reinforcement

A group of people holding up thumbs up.

At most companies, employee reviews are conducted once a year either around their anniversary or a date set companywide. However, I’d like to make the case for why it’s important to give frequent feedback to your staff throughout the year.

When done correctly, feedback lets your staff know what they are doing right and what tasks need improvement. These reviews will not be effective if too much time passes between each one, so have frequent check-ins to make sure both you and your staff are on the right track.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when providing feedback:

  • Be timely
  • Be specific
  • Be positive and constructive
  • Be willing to let your employee ask questions and respond to the feedback
  • Be focused on the future, not on past mistakes

Positive feedback and reinforcement are essential in an employee’s performance and growth. By frequently meeting with your staff on whether they are meeting your expectations, you are likely to see improved performance, an increase in their motivation, and an overall more positive work environment.

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