2023 Veterinary Statistics


Three months into the new year feels like a good time to share some statistics of how the veterinary industry is looking in 2023.

Here’s some insight I found in an article on Pet Keen:

  • There are 32 colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States with approximately 13,500 students enrolled (about 3,000 are admitted each year)
  • There are 46 AVMA-recognized veterinary specialties in the U.S.
  • From 2020-2030 veterinary employment is expected to grow by 17 percent
  • 44 states are currently short on veterinarians
  • California has more working veterinarians than any other state
  • 77 percent of veterinarians work in a private practice
  • Veterinarians in Houston, Texas earned the highest income
  • In 2020, Americans spent $31.4 billion on veterinary care for their pets, with the average visit costing $242 for dogs and $178 for cats
  •  Pet adoptions in 2020 were in the hundreds of thousands: 280,277 dogs and 292,704 cats
  • In 2021, 69 million Americans were dog owners; 45.3 million owned cats

These statistics are further proof that the veterinary industry is facing a critical shortage of doctors at a time when more Americans are becoming pet owners. If you are looking to expand your practice we can help you find the right doctor to add to your staff. Give me a call or send me an email so I can explain how our method yields a 93 percent success rate of bringing our clients qualified candidates in the first 90 days of the recruiting process.