Making Your Clinic Stand Out to Candidates


The national shortage of veterinarians is expected to grow in the next decade. As more clinics are looking for more doctors to meet their patient needs, the veterinarians are increasingly getting the upper hand when it comes to negotiating an offer and deciding where to work. One recent study shows the average associate veterinarian will interview with 12 to 14 clinics. The competition is fierce, to say the least.

So, what can you do to make your clinic stand out and close the deal with a candidate?

At DVM Consulting & Recruiting Services, we are doing the research and asking the questions on behalf of our clients. We have a 93 percent success rate in bringing quality candidates to our clients within the first 90 days of the recruiting process. However, once that candidate is in your office, it is up to you to ask the specific questions that will give you the edge to make an offer they can’t refuse.

Here are some ways to do that:

Customize every interview – Conduct each interview specific to the candidate sitting in front of you. Now is not the time for cookie cutter questions. One size does not fit all when it comes to standing out. You must zero in on every minute detail the candidate reveals about themselves; what makes them happy, what they are looking for, and then take that information to personalize your offer.

Find out their ideal clinic? – Ask the candidate exactly what they’re looking for in a clinic. Location (city, suburb, or rural setting), number of technicians to assist them, and size of the practice are examples of what type of environment in which they would like to work. Does the candidate have family nearby that they are hoping to be closer to? Are they looking for an experienced doctor on staff to mentor them?

Dig deeper – Talking about salary and benefits is a must, but beyond that, find out the non-tangible must-have items on their clinic wish list. Getting into the mind of the candidate by digging deeper with your questions will help you show how your practice is their ideal company.