Building an Effective Team

As the owner of a private veterinary practice, the doctor is not only in charge of caring for patients, but must also assemble the best team to keep up with the needs of their clients. But in a time when the country is experiencing a shortage of veterinarians and vet techs, how should a practice owner go about building a successful team? Here are some tips found in a recent article on dvm360:

  • Recruit – be selective with candidates before making a job offer
  • Identify goals – for the practice and for each staff member
  • Set expectations – train each team member properly to best execute their responsibilities
  • Lead by example – be sure to set your own goals and expectations and be visible when performing your duties
  • Monitor, evaluate, and review – conduct regular meetings with the team and individuals to go over job performance
  • Celebrate a job well done – incentives and recognition are great motivations to get your staff to work well together and go above and beyond for your practice

By setting clear expectations, using positive reinforcements, and holding frequent reviews, a private practice owner is laying the groundwork for building a productive team. If you need help making the right hire, allow me to explain how my team has a 93 percent success rate in presenting quality candidates within 90 days of the recruiting process.