Work/Life Balance Cycle = Job Satisfaction


Work/life balance has been a buzzworthy topic in recent years. Gone are the days when employees feel like they must answer every email right away – whether day or night – or cater to every work request. These days, workers seek out an employer who recognizes that getting the most out of their staff means letting them make the most of their time outside the office..


A recent study in the Harvard Business Review found that a cycle of self-awareness leads to achieving a better balance between one’s personal and professional life. But what makes up a cycle of self-awareness? The researchers broke it down to five distinct steps:



  1. Pause and renormalize – Take a step back and ask yourself: What is currently causing me stress, unbalance, or dissatisfaction? How are these circumstances affecting how well I work or enjoy my time off?
  2. Pay attention to your emotions in the current situation – Ask yourself if you feel engaged, fulfilled, and satisfied or if you feel angry, resentful, or sad.
  3. Reprioritize – Determine what regrets you already have and what regrets you wish to avoid in the future.
  4. Consider your alternatives – Reflect on the aspects of your work and personal life that can be changed in order to align better with your priorities.
  5. Implement changes – Take charge of what you can and determine whether having more control at work will affect your job satisfaction in the long run.



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Jeffrey Audette